Basic information about The Project Manager 250+

Target group: employees in management positions at all types of schools and education institutes, including project managers (outside of the capital of Prague).

On the date of issue of the eProceedings 

Operational programme: Education for Competitiveness

Priority axis: 1 Initial education

Support area: Further education of school and education institutions 

Project type: IP others

Applicant: National Institute for Further Education

Financial volume of project: CZK 10,945,648.44

Time schedule: 1 April 2010 – 30 November 2011 (project extended by 8 months)

Target group: employees in management positions at all types of schools and education institutes, including project managers (outside of the capital of Prague)

The basic objective of the project is to create and verify the system for developing the competences of project managers in education in the area of project management.


Key project activities 


01 Competence profile of a project manager 

The competence profile of a project manager in education was the entry activity for the participation of the target group in the project. This constitutes setting up the profile of a project manager, processing a methodology for ascertaining the current level of competence of individuals and a methodology for processing personal development plans.

Project managers could use an online application to ascertain their present level of competences in comparison to a project-designated ideal profile of a project manager. They simultaneously had the option of consulting the result from the online application within a personal session with a professional development specialist, and suitable project activities were recommended to them. For instance, if a "profile" participant had a competence level of "Knowledgeable" in a given competence, they received a recommendation for higher forms of development – personal coaching, and if the participant had a competence level of "Not knowledgeable" or "Awareness", they received a recommendation for the KA 02 education modules.


02 Complex education of a project manager 

The education system was designed as a cycle of 8 optional modules, which formed a complex education programme with a time allocation of 250 lessons. This constituted a combination of a three-day on-site education seminar and e-learning. Each participant additionally had the option of consulting the subject of the taken module.

Additionally, 800 CDs were created containing the text outputs of e-learning.

Other activities included the creation of a subject audit methodology, and its attestation by project managers in education. The objective of the audit was to re-examine and evaluate the current status of project realisation, discover the concordance rate with designated success criteria of the project and identification of opportunities to improve the realisation and management of the project. This re-examination is possible during the realisation or after project completion.




03 Individual support for a project manager 

Support was offered in the form of electronic counselling and articles about project management on, and additionally in the form of personal coaching. The activity included the preparation of 4 volumes of the electronic newsletter.


04 Project manager standards 

Based on a comparative analysis of the preparation of project managers abroad, and based on results of education within KA 02 and verification of the Competence profile in KA 01, we created a draft of the Education standard for the performance of specialised activity: Project manager, in an extent equivalent to 250 lessons

The activity also included the translation of project outputs into English.


05 Project manager certification 

The IPMA certification system acknowledges 4 certification levels, and the project gave the target group the option to obtain the international level D certificate: Certified Project Management Associate. Those interested could participate in preparatory workshops.

A 2-day conference in Plzen took place during the conclusion of the project. Conference participants included, among others, KA 02 graduates and participants of the certification process.

The activity included the publication of 800 issues of the eProceedings, which summarise the outputs of the project.


Key project outputs

  • Document – "Competence profile of a project manager in education"
  • Online application – Competence profile of a project manager in education, including graduate profile
  • Methodology for testing the competence level of a project manager in education
  • Methodology for processing the personal development plan of a project manager in education
  • Education modules for project mangers in education in a total extent equivalent to 250 lessons, including study text and personal consultations for the education modules and 800 CDs with text outputs from e-learning (in an extent equivalent to 110 lessons)
  • Graduates of education modules A – H
  • Documentation template package for project managers in education
  • Methodology for project audit, including on-site inspections
  • The portal, incl. articles for the PM 250+ project
  • Personal coaching for project managers in education
  • Electronic counselling
  • Certified project managers in compliance with IPMA
  • Final two-day conference
  • eProceedings – 800 pieces
  • Proposal of standards for studying to perform the specialised project manager activity, incl. reservation proceedings to the proposal
  • Translation of PM 250+ project outputs into English
  • Accreditation of the "Project manager in education" education programme